Learning Best SEO Practices For Today’s Online World


Knowing the current best SEO practices is critical if you want to take a new website or a website that is buried in the rankings, and pushes it up onto page one for all your major keywords – not to mention a wealth of related ones that you might not have even thought about. In a world where words like “panda” and “penguin” put shivers down the spines of technically inclined professionals instead of smiling and thinking about cuddly animals, you will need to keep on top of what the most recent best practice standards are when it comes to search engine optimization.

Firerain Best SEO Practices
Being in line with the best SEO standards starts with having a website designed the right way. That means accurate title tags, URLs that are designed as domainname.com/post-name, alt tags on all photos, and unique meta tags for every page and post on any given website. These are very basic things and yet they matter a lot to rank a website.

Perhaps the single most important point is having a website that is truly responsive or at the very least having a mobile version of your website that pops up when someone looks for your website on a tablet or mobile phone. This used to be just a positive that helped a website SEO wise but now it is an absolute necessity and there was even an update that was referred to as “mobile-geddon” at one point where non-responsive sites and sites with no mobile setup all were hammered in the SERPs.


What Else Matters?
Good coding is essential. For people who use a content management system like WordPress, this isn’t a huge concern as long as they do even a little bit of homework about the themes available and make sure they are regularly updated to stay active as Word Press updates and the overall coding of the Internet and its standards change.

Never underestimate the power of an XML Sitemap, either. This makes it easy for search engine spiders to crawl over everything and make sure every single one of your pages and posts is indexed in all the major search engines. Every large website should have one of these, especially blogs that keep adding content over time.


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Finally, always keep up on backlinks. While some people liked to scream about the end of backlinks in SEO they were either:
– Exaggerating for click bait purposes or to sell their own product
– Wanting people to quit so they could keep getting good backlinks for their own sites

Find the most recent information talking about linking and you will know what to look for when building up all of your online properties.

In Conclusion
Miami’s Number SEO Digital Firm is a constantly changing the field, and that means that what works today might even be harmful tomorrow (keyword stuffing or link spamming, anyone?). However by keeping an eye on updates from Google’s blogs and seeing what the SEO community has to say, you should be able to really keep on top of everything that is going on and be able to roll with the changes instead of being rolled over by them.

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